Grow Your Business

The Modern Menu line of plant-based, shelf-stable products are tailor-made for Food Service, be it healthcare, education, contract catering or restaurants. These new plant-based products offer a convenient, low-cost and high-flavor solution. Their versatility allows for chef inspiration and creativity.

Here are 5 Keys to success as you build out your menu:


Lead with Flavor

Saying no to animal meat doesn’t mean saying no to flavor. Decades of experience with offering healthy dishes to consumers shows that while consumers are interested in foods that will make them feel good, lose weight, and provide essential nutrients, they will not accept dishes that even hint at sacrifice.


Embrace the Health Halo

According to Nielsen, 38% of U.S. consumers associate plant proteins with positive health effects. Datassential’s Plant-Based Eating Keynote Report found the #1 reason (chosen by 49% of respondents) why U.S. consumers are eating more plant-based is because they perceive them as healthier. Adding plant protein as a descriptor can cue health in the minds of consumers without indicating diminished flavor.


Position Plant Based Dishes to Succeed with Flexitarians

Flexitarians — consumers who are reducing their animal protein consumption and increasing their plant protein consumption — comprise a significant percentage of the population. While they don’t want to make the lifestyle choice of veganism or vegetarianism, they are interested in the health and environmental benefits of plants.


Use Plant Based Dishes to Reach Millenials

Flexitarians aren’t the only mainstream audience interested in plant-based foods, Millennials are shifting too. According to research firm Mintel’s 2017 Protein Report, 79% of millennials eat meat alternatives, with 30% eating meat alternatives every day and 50% eating meat alternatives a few times per week. 37% of Millennials plan to buy more meat alternatives next year. Having great plant meat (and eggs and dairy!) on your menu can help you attract this vital demographic.


Highlight the Protein Content

According to Nielsen, nearly half of consumers eat a form of protein with every meal. For one-fifth of consumers in the U.S. and Canada, plant-based proteins are among their preferred sources of protein.